2152 Aldrin Rd.

Ocean Township, NJ 07712

(732) 542-2093


For the comfort and safety of our tenants, the following are strictly enforced:

  1. Maximum occupancy for a one-bedroom apartment is two (2) adults and one child up to 1.5 years of age. A maximum of four people may live in a 2-bedroom apartment.
  2. No pets allowed
  3. No washer/dryer in unit
  4. No water beds
  5. No Bar-B-Q
  6. No commercial vehicles allowed on the property
  7. Guest Policy (see below)

Twinbrook Village Guest Policy

Twinbrook Village Guest Policy allows tenants to invite guests to their apartment for a period of no longer than two weeks. Under the Twinbrook Village Guest Policy, all guests must register at the rental office and are subject to the terms of the tenancy lease. Twinbrook Village is, under no circumstances, responsible for the well-being or the private property of the guest during the duration of the visit. The maximum stay is 30 days for every six month period.

You must provide the rental office your guest’s vehicle license plate number. They must park in the visitor designated parking area nearest your building. Unregistered guests will be considered trespassers and shall have no tenancy rights during their stay at our complex.  Tenants shall remain responsible for the actions of their guest in accordance with the lease.

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